22 Warhammer Imperial Fist Paint Jobs You’ll Want to Try in 2024

Ok! First in this series of inspiration posts.

The goal here is to give you options. I’m finding a mix of amazing, detailed works of art, and achievable paint jobs. Classic color palates and some innovative looks. Paint brush and airbrush work.

Everyone always asks the same two questions: What model is that? and What paints did you use? I’m going to do my best to answer, and if you see any mistakes or have another answer definitely post a reply and I’ll read it and update where needed.

Let’s start off strong shall we?

Imperial Fist #1: Infantry Soldier

Yellow and Black Imperial Fist from Honhpainting

Model: Looks to be a 2017 Primaris Space Marine from the Dark Imperium set. Very similar models can be found in this set of 10 Intercessors, since Dark Imperium is harder to find now.

Techniques and Tools: Looks to be all brushwork to me, with contrast paints. The yellow looks to be Iyanden yellow contrast paint, which I’ve used myself. The scratches are definitely done with a fine tip brush.

This puts all the components I like into one model. Clean paint job, some nice battle damage in the form of scratches, a bold color like this yellow along with some black. The red on the purity seal really is a nice touch for this model too.

The black on his face guard, shoulder pad and boots really looks great.

Imperial Fist #2

Classic Eavy Metal Painting of an Imperial Fist

Model: A Primaris Imperial Fist Lieutenant from the Strike Force Agastus Box Set.
UPDATE! I am 99% sure it’s this guy in a different configuration: Space Marine Lieutenant.

This guy was hard to find! I had forgotten about him and his default is an ultramarine with no helmet in a different pose.

Techniques and Tools: Just a classic Eavy Metal paint job on this guy. This is box art, and the team does an amazing job. Base layer, really crisp edge highlights, blackline (aka pin washing). Just focus on clean for this look.

Imperial Fist #3

Imperial Fist Artwork

Every now and then I like to include some artwork in here for inspiration. This guy looks sick. Grimdark, in the heat of battle, gun smoking, banner in tatters…. awesome!

He also has the classic red border on his shoulder pads. Which I tend to not like so much, but it works here.

Imperial Fist #4

Imperial Fist Jump Pack Marine by CerberusXt

Great armor. Gun and cloak is a bit too pinkish for me but looks great none the less!

Model: Space Marine Captain with Jump Pack – Just an awesome sculpt here by Games Workshop.

Techniques and Tools: Cerberus posts his basic process. On Imperial Fists he typically uses Averland Sunset as his base coat, panel lining with any brown wash like agrax earthshade or similar. Then he glazes on the warm orange using Vallejo Hot Orange mixed with water and medium.

So if this were me I’d airbrush Averland Sunset air, then pin wash in agrax earthshade, and finally glaze on the hot orange.

Imperial Fist #5

A little Horus Heresy Beakie Marine by ryeburg_yt

Model: STL file by thatwhatgrows – You’ll need a 3d printer for this guy.

Techniques and Tools: Looks to be brush painted, classic colors with a lot of weathering.

Look at this distinguished gentleman. I love it. He’s got the turtle look of the beakies that I really like, but accentuated by his pose here. The proportions are off but it works for me.

Imperial Fist #6

Imperial Fist Tank

Model: This is a Horus Heresy era Sicarian Venator.

Techniques and Tools: I’m guessing this is airbrushed on. At least that was the method I used to get a similar result. I would do a light pink undercoat with near white on top. Then spray over Imperial Fist contrast paint or a similar yellow like Vallejo Transparent Yellow.

Tanks! (You’re welcome)
I love these tanks, I did a similar one. The yellow here looks phenomenal. I love the bright highlights it has here with just a hint of the warm orange shadow.

Imperial Fist #7

Two Amazing Imperial Fist Space Marines from Hendarion

Model: The left is an old school Space Marine and the right is a Hellblaster from the Dark Imperium set. New Hellblasters are here.

Techniques and Tools: From what I’ve seen from Hendarion, he uses glazing to achieve his gradients.

Check him out on Instagram.

Imperial Fist #8

A Squad of Horus Heresy Beakie Space Marines in Imperial Fist Colors.

Model: A squad from the Horus Heresy Box Set!

Techniques and Tools: I love these because they look very achievable. When you get into 10 or more miniatures, you can afford to be slightly less detailed. When they’re in a group like this it looks fantastic.

To me this looks like either Averland Sunset or Imperial Fists Contrast Paint. Some black, some metallic paint, a few splashes of color, pop on the decals and make the bases interesting. Bam!

Imperial Fist #9

Realistic Image of an Imperial Fist Space Marine

Just a cool image. Sometimes they can inspire you to paint. I like the color of the bolter gun in particular. That sort of steel blue matte metallic, a bit of dirt on it for contrast. Looks great.

Imperial Fist #10

Space Marine Captain Imperial Fist

Model: Primaris Captain from the Indomitus Set. I would check Ebay for him, you might get him stand alone.

Techniques and Tools: Honestly hard to say with this! It could have been painted in the red then a shot of yellow from above with an airbrush, but it looks more like brush work to me.

This is more of an artistic look. Grimdark, pinks and yellows, makes it stand out. I like to give different perspectives. Although I wouldn’t go this route, you may love it.

Imperial Fist #11

Bright Yellow Paint Job for Imperial Fists

Model: This is a great set, Space Marines Company Heroes (2023 version)

Techniques and Tools: Another super bright yellow look. Again not my taste but a lot of people love the yellow like this. Paint looks like Imperial Fists contrast paint over a white primer.

Imperial Fist #12

A Warm Yellow Terminator in Imperial Fists Colors

Model: This is from the Terminator Squad set.

Techniques and Tools: So he is a bit TOO orange for my taste, but this is essentially what i did with my squad. This was just heavier on the pink/red base coat, which gives you that orange look when you put transparent yellow over the top.

Imperial Fist #13

Imperial Fist with Grimdark Look

Model: Another great squad of miniatures that’s on my list to get. This guy is from the Heavy Intercessors set.

Techniques and Tools: I like the gritty look on him. This can be achieved with a few methods. Either a basic acrylic wash, an oil wash, or streaking grime by AK Interactive.

I’ll have to do an article on weathering and streaking grime in particular. The basic idea is you apply a lot of the grime over the whole model, then wipe a lot of it off. You’re left with a weathered, gritty, grimy look.

Imperial Fist #14

A Squad of Grimdark Marines with a Tank

Model: models from the Horus Heresy Box Set.

Techniques and Tools: I know, I’m posting this set a lot. I’m a fan what can I say? Again i like the simple, matte look to these guys. A basic yellow base coat, some black, metallic, and then looks like they were hit with a matte varnish.

I personally love AK Interactive Ultra matte varnish. I use it on almost all my miniatures because I love the matte look.

Imperial Fist #15

MKIII Horus Heresy Space Marine in Imperial Fist Colors

Model: This guy is also a Horus Heresy era model but he’s from the MKIII Tactical Squad.

Techniques and Tools: Looking at a nice bright yellow base coat for the armor, it’s got that depth of the warm orange/yellow in the shadows that I love. Then metallic steel, black, and a pop of color with the light blue.

Imperial Fist #16

Larger Force of Imperial Fists

Model: This…. is a lot of models and a lot of points. You’ve got infantry units, Redemptor mechs, tanks, and a huge Stormbird. That ship alone was 1,000 points in 9th edition.

Techniques and Tools: All I have to say is if you’re doing this many marines: Write down your formula, write down what paints you use! And get an airbrush 🙂

Imperial Fist #17

Horus Heresy Grimdark Beakies

Model: models from the Horus Heresy Box Set.

Techniques and Tools: These likely started with a simple yellow base coat and some metallic for the shoulder trim. After than some weathering, and finally some object source lighting (OSL) on the plasma guns.

I have an article on OSL on my “to do’ list, I’ll post a link here when it’s done. For now though it just means light reflecting off a light source. In this case the plasma gun is bright, and you can see the artist painted some light blue reflections on the chest and face armor.

Usually you would do this with an airbrush, but brushwork is completely achievable as well.

Imperial Fist #18 – My models!

My Horus Heresy Squad of Imperial Fists

Model: These are my models from the Horus Heresy Box Set.

Techniques and Tools: I used a mix of brush work and airbrush on these models. This was priming in red, heavy zenithal spray of white. Once the model is almost white with a bit of pink on the edges, you can airbrush yellow over the top. I used Vallejo Transparent Yellow.

Once the armor is done it’s just brush work on the details. Mostly black and metallic steel with a bit of color here and there.

Imperial Fist #19 – Another of mine

Richs Horus Heresy Imperial Fist Terminator

Model: A terminator from my Horus Heresy Box Set.

Techniques and Tools: Same as above. It’s airbrush red, zenithal white, then Transparent yellow over the top. It gives you that bright yellow into warm orange/yellow transition.

From there it’s mostly black and steel. I use Vallejo Metal Colors almost exclusively for my metallics. Pro Acryl is also excellent.

Imperial Fist #20 – Yup, also my model 🙂

One of my Horus Heresy Imperial Fist Beakies Up Close

Model: Yup you guessed it, another Beakie Space Marine from my Horus Heresy Box Set.

Techniques and Tools: Detailed above. Airbrush red, then heavy zenithal white. Transparent yellow over the top. Then brush work!

And that’s it for this round up! See you soon with some more chapters. Comment below if you’d like to see something in particular. Any group you want. Orks, Eldar, Astra Militarum, Sisters of Battle… anything goes.

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